Columbia Catacombs

For decades the catacombs under Columbia have been believed to just be urban legends. Stories of a three-eyed phantom, ghostly encounters, and escape routes from the capital have been a few stories that have circulated throughout the city. Recently we decided to investigate the boundaries of fact and fiction venturing beneath the streets of Columbia to uncover these dark secrets.

When we ventured inside the catacombs we found ourselves treading through ankle deep water. We stood there for a while examining the structure. The walls were made of cement the floors and ceiling, however, were made of a fossilized wood structure.

As we ventured deeper into the catacombs we found it very challenging to see what was merely in front of us. At times we even found ourselves seconding guessing our choice to continue forward.

Once we reached the end of the tunnel we stopped to examine the structure much like we did when we first entered. The same cement walls and fossilized wood completed the tunnel; however, graffiti artist had marked this side.

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